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client brief and survey

Please contact us to arrange a free initial visit to discuss your requirements.

During our visit we can discuss your proposals and:

- ascertain your specific requirements, eg: room requirements, layout, preferred appearance, renewable energy    technologies, etc
- suggest possible solutions
- consider your budget and timescales
- explain the design process
- advise on the requirements for planning permission, building regulations, party wall act, cdm regulations and    any other relevant legislation
- discuss the construction process and suggest suitable construction methods
- advise whether a structural engineer or any other consultants will need to be employed

Following our visit we will write with our comments and advise our fee quotation.

Should you decide to proceed we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to survey. On small projects this will take a couple of hours and be limited to the vicinity of the proposed works. On larger projects we may need to spend a day or more and measure the complete building and/or site.

If necessary we will also record changes in levels and the condition of the property during our survey.

Following our survey we will prepare the existing drawings.

These drawings will enable us to consider the design of the proposed works and will form the basis of the drawings for the feasibility, planning and building regulation stages.

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